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Sales Tax Reporting

Sales Tax laws change all of the time and Bloom Accounting Solutions is already on top those changes as they emerge. If you've got monthly taxable income then the AZ Dept. of Revenue is interested in you.

Don't create a liability, pay the taxes!

You may be subject to painful Penalties & Interest if your taxes are:

  • Done wrong

  • Done late

  • Not done at all

So why create unnecessary worry? Pay your taxes! Bloom Accounting Solutions is here to help you with your monthly sales tax reporting. So if you're running a restaurant, retail operation, construction company, commercial residential, or residential rentals Bloom is here to help you generate a monthly Profit & Loss statement to keep you safe from the anguish of financial regret and earned penalties.

Helpful Links & Resources

Here are some links you can use yourself to conduct some due diligence until you decide to pick Bloom to manage your Sales Tax Reporting in Arizona.


Additional Services

Bloom has all of the Accounting services you could ask for to get your work done right the first time. Here are some additional services we offer:​

  • 401K Administration

  • Garnishments

  • Budgeting

  • Periodic Review & Professional Consultation

  • Special Accounting Related Projects

  • Audits

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