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You didn't start your business to become an accountant.

Bloom is here to help small business owners with their bookkeeping and accounting needs. You should be focusing where your passion lies, building and developing your business.


Let’s face it, for most business owners the thought of processing payroll, filing sales tax, or reconciling a bank statement is the absolute last thing they'd like to do. That means that these things tend to go to the bottom of the never-ending to do list... and just so we're clear, procrastinating business finances can lead to a host of professional health risks very  quickly.

Our Accounting Team
Avatar 100
Michelle Jorgensen

Owner, Bloom Accounting Solutions


Avatar 104
Regan Jorgensen

Executive Assistant


Avatar 103
Renee Lindsey

Director of Client Services


Our Team has 20+ Years of Experience Supporting:
  • Service Related

  • Construction

  • Property Management

  • Self Employed

  • Real Estate

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Production

Accounting is Language

Businesses talk to their owners a number of ways. Accounting communicates the health, readiness, and prosperity of a business and where the focus should be placed to improve overall health. Bloom's Accounting Solutions acts like an interpreter equipping owners with this powerful data-driven information so that sound business decisions can be made to effect your bottom line. With our expert services in place, business owners have the solution they need to understand what their business is telling them so it can Bloom.

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